Elisabeth Moss…I Think I Love You

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March 31, 2014 by Manny Wordsmith

Dear Miss Elisabeth Moss…

I didn’t think you were that pretty when I first saw you on the hit A&E television show “Mad Men”. I thought you were homely. Years passed and things didn’t change. Your character never prettied up to me, even though she gained more responsibilities and respect within the Sterling Cooper Advertising Company and their later incantations.

Peggy Olson1

But then I saw this picture in GQ

Elisabeth Moss at GQ Men of the Year Awards

What the?

I didn’t know you had it in you Lizzie. You ravishing seductress. You tantalizing manifestation of everything I love about women who wear little black dresses and beige Manolos. Is it the black eye shadow? Is it your stance? Or is it your half smirk that asks all watchers to gently come closer to get the full view of what you have inside?

I was blubbering at the mouth, asking myself how a quiet caterpillar could find her way into the body of a butterfly. I did some more research and then found this pic of you.

Elizabeth Moss

Holy boobies Batman.

I felt like I should have always known. Like, your crude, weak disguise should have been discovered years ago. But I’m not perfect Lizzie Sweet Cakes…I’m only a man…a fallible man who falls for the TV magic and fails to see the sex kitten trapped within the fluffy body of a 1960s typist. But my eyes are now open Liz Love. And I look forward to seeing you swing those sassy hips on the new season of “Made Men”. Never change babe.

Love Your Newest And Most Indulged Fan,



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