5 Things I’m Almost Positive I’ll Accomplish In 2014


December 31, 2013 by Manny Wordsmith

It was 1993 and my family and I were watching the yearly NYE bash with Dick Clark. It was about 9 p.m. and I was excited about staying up to midnight (Which I never made it to). The word resolution was being tossed around throughout the night by various celebrities. I wondered what it meant, so I turned to ask my mom.

“Mom, what does rezolutation mean?”

“It’s resolution hunny, and it’s something people create on New Year’s Eve. It’s like something they want to do or carry out in the next year.”

“Can I have a…res..o…lution?”


“Next year my resolution is to be a ninja. But like a good ninja that saves girls and fights bad guys.”

“Ha ha! I think you may be shooting a bit high. But good luck with your resolution.”

My mom laughed at me a lot when I said things like that, but I was dead serious. I so wanted to kick in the New Year as a full-fledged ninja. 20 years later, I still kind of want to be a ninja. Let’s be honest, no kind of, I still want to be a ninja. But I think I might find a couple more practically things to aim for.

1. Cut An Album

I really have no excuses. I have all the equipment. I can make any type of hip-hop beat that I want. I even have the words. It’s just about sitting down and doing it. Just an EP. Six songs and two instrumentals. That’s it. A couple features by my friends and boom…magic. Music is my first love. I really need to stop messing around and finally marry that bitch.

2. Write A Novella

My second love is also being neglected. Out of all the writing I’ve done, I’ve never completed a short story I was truly proud of. And if I never do that, that means I’ll never write the next great American novel loosely based on my life. And make millions. So I really need to get this going so I can be on Jimmy Kimmel talking about my book by this time 2015.

3. Run A 5K

It’s what all the kids are doing right? I’ve never ran one outside of my time in the military. It would be nice to find a good cause this year and run my ass off for it.

4. Get A Bruce Lee Body

Us thin, bird chested, mofos don’t have much to look forward to when creating a big build. I mean even when we do are best, our frames themselves still stay fairly small, in comparison to heavier set people who turn all their fat into muscle. So we have to look toward the beasts of our class. A one Bruce Lee. A man who was 5 foot 7 and about 150 pounds but kicked ass. I mean he ripped a chunk of hair from the chest of Chuck Norris for god sakes. He was smaller in stature, but formed his body into a damn weapon. So even if my shirt size stays a small, I’m sure being able to do some 1-inch punches will impress a lady at a bar, or dojo.

5. Settle Down

While my dating blogs get the most attention, I would really like to slow things down. Most of my choices are lazy and half-assed. A mix of old scars and flip-flopping self-esteem issues have me going in all sorts of directions. And there’s no reason for it. I keep myself in this limbo, waiting for something, unsure if the next stone in the water is really enough to step on or just an illusion. In 2014, I want to clear my mind, settle old scores and dispel what ever weights keep me from taking a leap into the next part of my life.

I think five is a good realistic number. Some have lists that span longer. With things like “Drink less soda”, “Finally read ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ book set”, “Stand up to my mother-in-law”. But I think if you concentrate on a couple main things that will ultimately enhance your quality of life, then these resolutions may seem more attainable.

Oh and one last one.

6. Become A Ninja



3 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Almost Positive I’ll Accomplish In 2014

  1. Great blog! You’ll be able to accomplish all this, no doubt! And I really connect with you on number 2. Started on a few projects but keep letting myself get distracted…. 😦

  2. tomwisk says:

    I’m with you on the body deal. My resolution came early, like just before Thanksgiving. I joined a gym and have my body heading in the opposite direction of yours. I have to dig it out from under a couple too many years of semi-neglect. As for your novella, I’ll race ya. Happy New Year.

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