Make the Best, Avoid the Worst and be Merry

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May 5, 2013 by Manny Wordsmith

Polar Bears have big mouths.

He outweighed me by almost a hundred pounds, but I felt a need to approach him anyway.

It’s funny how watching Django Unchained can make a young black man feel unstoppable.

Alarms are alarming.

War can bring lots of pain, but there’s nothing like loud noises to bring you right back to the moment.

It’s stupid how much the Army can build you up, just to leave you with faulty emotional programming that can bring you down.

Sometimes we fall.

Youth can make you feel unstoppable, even to the point of losing track of your biggest weakness.

In a sleep so painful, I only wish for my good friend to wake up from it. He’s nowhere near as awkward and funny when he’s lying in a white bed.

Live, love and enjoy life.

– Manny


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