The Breaks


November 5, 2012 by Manny Wordsmith

If you want to be a writer, you have to write.

You’d be hard pressed to find a writer that feels differently about the statement above. Anyone who has ever said it has been right.

So I sit here in my sisters home, ignoring my homework for a short period of time, so I can just write. Even though the assignment I’m currently prolonging is a writing assignment. But it’s not the same. This blog doesn’t have the same parameters. Nowhere near them. This is where I find my freedom.

So where do I start?

The earphones that I’m currently wearing are defective. I just got them from Best Buy on Saturday and I’ve realized that the left earbud it louder than the right. This makes every song I listen to sound off centered, like I got to the concert late and some 6 foot 5 fat dude has a gut that’s smothering my right side. This is highly annoying when you’re trying to listening to your new favorite Florence + The Machine track (Seven Devils!). But I giggle a bit whenever my brother-in-law’s music seeps in and I hear Ol’ Dirty Bastard talking shit over heavy bass hits. It’s funny because he’s white and listening to hardcore East coast rap and I’m black and switching back and forth between Florence + The Machine and The Lumineers (and a little bit of Andrew Bird too!) . But who needs stereotypes, right?

And just to make the point above more clear (Yes, I had a point), two weeks ago, with a full set of hair, I stood in front of the mirror about to shave my goatee and scruff. And do you know what my first thing I thought was?

Damn I look Mexican.

Not like damn, woe is me, I look Mexican. But like damn! I really pulled this off!

I wore the look with a badge of honor for about 40 minutes and I pranced around my apartment like El Graupo from “Three Amigos”.


This made me wonder if any Mexicans ever shaved their goatees and thought,

Damn I look like Billy Dee Williams.


What I’d do to look like this when I have a stache’. I’d probably give up my best friend, a Wookie and a princess, but who can really say.

And I wonder if any Mexican guys prance around their homes holding Colt 45 bottles and yelling, Lord Vader, we only use this facility for carbon freezing. If you put him in there it might kill him!

I’m gonna say yes…all day yes.

I can do the thin stache’ pretty well. When I have one, I’m pretty sure I look like a bad guy from a 1950s gangster film and nothing like John Waters.


Him and Steve Buschemi get the awards for creepiest looking cool guys.

I need to start taking pics so I can show you how ridiculous I look. And to further my point about stereotypes being stupid and silly. Were all influenced by something from someplace else. Weather that place is Staten Island, Mexico or Cloud City.

Back to work I go. Night!

Oh, wait, before you go, make sure you check out the site for Movember and donate money to Prostate Cancer Research!!


2 thoughts on “The Breaks

  1. Abby says:

    Will you please start taking pictures? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to make all sorts of different mustaches and designs.

  2. Penny Lane says:

    Hiya! I nominated you for the inspiring blogger award.
    You can check out the link here:

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