The Memories That Keep Me Awake

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October 24, 2012 by Manny Wordsmith

I can’t even remember weather it was the night of the 23rd or the night of the 24th, but 19 years can do that.

He was mostly a blur the nine years before. Images of his face pop up here and there, but little sticks. I wish they did though. The few things I do remember probably wouldn’t be so bad If I could remember more about him. I would be fine with a memorable baseball game or some sort of life lesson. A push on a swing, a cheer during a race, anything would be better than the noise.

But we don’t always get a chance to determine what we remember and what we don’t. All I can do is replace the broken fragments with future memories, and hope that the new people I’ve let in my life can make more of a lasting impression than he did.

But love unconditionally and keep your heart pure. Keep the ones in your life close and keep your eyes open. Good things and bad things will happen, but more things you remember, the more control you’ll have over how your emotions are affected in the future.

I hope you’re resting well pops.


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