Too Early To Not Complain About Facebook


August 18, 2012 by Manny Wordsmith

It’s bad when you don’t even want to update your Facebook. It’s even worse when you have to make it a subject of your blog.


Sometimes you have to get things off your chest so other things can bloom. And I’m just here to say that I’m unhappy with my social networking plan. I’m unhappy that everyone knows everything about me, but I can’t seem to prevent the hurling garbage they create for me to see. Memes, quotes, endless music videos sponsored by YouTube, pics of deformed kids or dogs. I don’t get it. Every once in a while I’ll get influenced enough to share something, but it’s never a pic of a cat with one ear, or some colorful sentence that’s supposed to wrap up exactly what my friendship, love of alcohol, and distaste for cheating ex’s means to me. Oh, and throw in some weird character drawn like a 1920s man or woman of class in some proper pose that has nothing to do with the words their standing next to also. Because that makes sense. I won’t put any examples in this blog because you know exactly what I mean.

Something broke. Expression of thought and feelings went crazy. And this might sound weird coming from a guy who has to write 400 words just to get how he feels out, but it’s true. People use Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram as platforms to share greeting cards that they give themselves. Words or images from other people to describe a feeling they can’t express in words themselves. Call me a Grinch, a cynic, or just an asshole, but I don’t see why people can’t use their own words. Hey, if you’re unhappy about how Obama is running office, just say something. Even better, write a short paragraph and use exclamations. I find a person’s thoughts more enlightening than some photoshopped pic of President Obama as Joseph Stalin.

The same overflow of unwanted images that litter the internet, are gathered and regurgitated all over social networks. When MySpace was on top, we blamed the same intrusions on “bots”. Now, real life humans stain personal space.

Give yourself more credit folks. There are times when the perfect card says the perfect thing, but there’s no reason to turn everything about you into a flashcard game of dirty jokes, deformed kids, bible scriptures, and American Soldiers praying. You’re all better than that. Early morning rant…over.


11 thoughts on “Too Early To Not Complain About Facebook

  1. Peaches says:

    Some of those Victorian people next to words I find quite amusing, but I do get your point. Sometimes, they could have written their feelings better themselves. Do you still have a problem with sharing these things if they add a personalized comment or just a problem with the two click share spam?

    • I have a problem when it just becomes spam. I mean, I see the comedy in some of these things. But when someone loses themselves, and just becomes a series of these memes and weird videos, their not much different than a bot to me. So personal comments or not, when those things begin to define your very presence on the internet, things just look bleak.

  2. Ekeynes says:

    I know it can be very frustrating, u wonder whether they even have any original body in their bones and its so frustrating when they start tagging you in like a gazillion of those senseless pics

  3. I liked this so much that I’m going to share it on Facebook.

    Kidding, of course. I agree completely. This has always been the case though, right? People using other people’s song lyrics to describe EXACTLY HOW THEY’RE FEELING OHMYGOD and movie quotes and before that, poetry and so on and so on until the beginning of time (probably, I wasn’t there so I don’t know for sure). I wonder if we can measure exactly when art devolves from a pathway for human connection into the mindless misuse of others’ sentiments. I think there’s an app for that, right?

  4. I see you are a journalist. You clearly have a way with words. Spare a though for those of us less skilled who piggy back off the writinngs of other, Keep up the good work ….

    • Thank you, thank you! I will! And I understand that not everyone has the exact words to express what they feel, but anything is better than nothing. I’d just like to see more expression. No one has to be skilled to do that. Just open up.

  5. blushingsea says:

    This is entirely true. Kudos to you for saying the truth, because we all know it but some of us just don’t want to admit to our absurdness. Is it awful for me to say that I hate the generation I was born into? This generation that has no individuality, no uniqueness of any kind? And yet, I know that I’ve fallen into the same ol’ trap that every other person of my age has fallen into. I’m trying to break free though.

    Love the post. Thanks for the read (and several others). From one insomniac to another. 😉

  6. I totally agree with you and I think it is something more people should rant about. Yes, I have a Facebook account, but I usually find I use it more to keep updated on what everyone else is doing, not post on myself, or add weird little quotes. If I’m going to quote something, I type it out and put the author of the quote, usually some famous person. IE. Ben Franklin or Einstein.
    While I might find some of the pictures, memes, and whatnot funny, and sometimes saying what I agree with, I do prefer that people post their opinions. Opinions matter. And I do like hearing what someone really thinks instead of the carbon copy of a picture.
    Great post. Please rant on this more, maybe people will get a clue.

  7. lilmisspumpkin says:

    I agree with this completely. The main reason that I personally go on Facebook, is to see how people are not to read your favorite someecard of the day. Although, now that I think about it, its kinda sad that we use Facebook instead of personal interaction anymore….

    • It’s terrible. I know people who will just add me to see my pics and then never say anything. It’s the equivalent of inviting me to a two man party just to be stared at in the vestibule lol. Creepy.

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