A Story for Mom

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July 12, 2012 by Manny Wordsmith

My mom loved my stories. Sometimes…well most of the time, my stories wouldn’t make sense, but my mom would endure through my constant stuttering, and other speech impediments, until I got to the point…if there was one.

Here’s a story mom…

There once was a struggling student, who took a job at electronic retail store. He took a break from college to figure out what direction his life should go in, and in the process, he fell on his face. He instilled love and trust in his friends and family, and in that found a safety net slowly building. The threads intertwined around him as people insured him that he wouldn’t fall anymore. But he was still behind, hurrying to play catch up with his bills. He found himself completely heartbroken when he couldn’t even get the cash to buy chips from the break room vending machine.

One morning, after a long night of work, he began to call all the collectors, letting them know that their money would be on the way. It took a lot for him to admit that even though he would never get lower, he was simply at his lowest. He went into work that day with his head down, expecting more disappointments. He saw the heavy load of work ahead of him. All the unopened boxes of items he needed to stock. He didn’t think he would get through the night. Then…he ripped his pants.

Right down the crack of his butt. His khakis, that he didn’t even like in the first place, tore in the most embarrassing place…all while he was picking up a computer. And instead of breaking down, he laughed…hard! He told everyone, and they laughed with him. He laughed when he used duct tape to close the rip. He laughed when his shorter, chunkier, co-worker brought him an extra pants that made him look like a hobo clown. He knew he had reached a point where nothing could get worse. And in that moment, he truly felt like he could do anything. He saw that the only way now, was up and out.

To be continued…

There weren’t any love or chase scenes that you like so much mom, but there are surprises on the way. So happy birthday mom. I’m a little late with the present, but you taught me that. Statements like, “We’ll make it there, when we make it there.” never made me take time seriously. I love you and I think about you everyday. May your soul forever rest in peace.

P.S. I’m sorry I was watching the glorified supernatural soft porn called “True Blood”, while writing this. It’s addictive.


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