A Tripod of Friendship

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March 7, 2012 by Manny Wordsmith

Sometimes great friendships can be defined just by conversation.

In a bar filled with local hockey enthusiasts and tired blue-collar workers, I sat with my friend Ski, laughing hysterically at whatever I could find. I was mean about my own personal misfortunes, mostly about the type of women I’ve settled with and the lack of progress I’ve made in changing my pattern. We also spoke about his female situation and how a particular brand of “crazy” can easily overrun a Facebook page.

Girls, in general, seem to be the center of most of our conversations. But I can clearly admit that we don’t quite have things down.

The joint knowledge between my best friends Ski, Barwin and I, isn’t enough for us to walk blindfolded through the relationship minefields, but It doesn’t stop us from trying. We listen to each other’s council, but we all continue to fall on our faces, stricken with an almost unnatural sense of curiosity. We continue to get back up though, just to go back into the field again after we’ve recovered.

Our events and stories are almost comical at times, but mostly endearing. We’re driven by the idea that if one of us figures things out, we’ll all be privy to the luck and information. And this doesn’t just have to do with girls, it also has to do with everything else in our lives, including our work, school and finance.

It’s not perfect, but we’re a trio, attempting to better ourselves by sharing our stories. Our stubbornness sets us back, but it also propels us to continue. We’re underdogs, if anything else. And if we continue to move forward, for the betterment of our own lives, we’ll never be like those crabs in the bucket or those miserable people who bring down their company. We’ll just be great friends.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.


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