The Woes and Joys of Procrastination

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March 1, 2012 by Manny Wordsmith

There’s nothing like having all day to do something and then waiting to the last-minute to complete it.

I’ve had all day to do this research project and I don’t have anything to show for it. I’ve paced, I’ve brainstormed, I’ve even taken a midday shower in hopes of clearing my mind. But all I’ve to during these 12 hours of pandering is made a bunch of new Spotify playlists and drafted a few text messages I’ll never send to my ex’s

“Hey, I’m bored. Let me see your boobs.”

At least not sober…

I know that entertainment isn’t the key to jump starting my motivation, but a nice pair of boobies can have magical effects.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have also started to download a bunch of movies I haven’t seen yet. So far…


Midnight in Paris


Real Steel

If I finish in time, I can watch one of these! I’m trying to give myself some incentive to complete the task ahead of me. Elementary, I know.

I thought “getting a beer” would be a good one. I could finish at a decent time and head out with some friends for a much-needed beverage. But my procrastination and laziness got the best of me. Not to mention, these pajamas I’m wearing are VERY comfortable. So trying to tease my movie love was my next best alternative.

But In the process of NOT looking for relative websites to help me with my project, I’ve found a bunch of interesting blogs. I thought scrubbing through categories that were similar to mine would mean that I would find more like-minded dudes, who told funny stories of their ups and down.

I was wrong.

Blogging about your feelings seems to be a mostly female thing. And there aren’t any complaints. I just thought the kindred souls that I would find would be just as lost and male as me. But I’ll take a pretty lady hiding behind a shroud of dating expertise any day.

The Game

…and an academic who teaches English and reports on her “small victories and epic failures”.

Red Lips and Academia

I doubt either one of them need my help in the readership department, but there you go.

I’m fascinated at how many women on this site have blogs like theirs. Not to say that I thought women couldn’t write or put together a cohesive prose, it’s just that I hardly meet women with the ability to express themselves further than 140 characters. It’s obvious I’ve been fishing in a shallow, illiterate pool.

I hope this little post is enough to get myself in gear. If not, my insomnia will kick in and I’ll pull an all nighter and an all dayer. But I will enjoy drinks this weekend with my good friend Ski and Barwin, to celebrate Ski’s birthday. This will be my reward for surviving the week. And then, on Monday, I’ll start my Insanity Workout. Six-pack here I come!


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