Hey Nice Guys, You Need To Finish Faster

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February 21, 2012 by Manny Wordsmith

I have a lot reasons to want to change the world. I’ve never felt like I’ve fit here. I’m not gonna use the cliché “square piece circle hole” thing, but I haven’t found a place. So obviously, I would want to wreak havoc on the establishment and shift things in my favor…right?

I don’t even know really. I’m pretty vocal about anything I see as “unjust”, but when it comes to my life, I seem to approach my injustices with sarcasm, cynicism and low-brow references.

One specific thing I seem to have engine to fight for is the nice guy.

Relationships are hell. Finding love is hell. Just going out and trying to have a decent conversation with a woman in a bar, is hell! The walls women put up are so high it’s unbelievable (not to say I don’t know why, people are creeps!). I know women who would rather meet someone through the internet, than in person, for the first time. That’s where we’ve ended up. If you’re not laid out nicely on the digital landscape for all to see, then you might not even be seen at all.

I’m old school. I believe in connections via eye-contact and interesting conversation. I want that to stay alive. At the same time, I don’t want some stigma to hang over the people who choose not to be a-holes. These are some of the things I’ve heard from women.

“You can walk all over them.”

“Nice guys are indecisive and easy to control”

“They’re bad in bed and incapable of taking charge.”

“Momma’s boys”

“Too available”

“Too nice”

I’ve heard it all. Either toward myself or toward other people. But in the end, when all the smoke has cleared, most of the women who believe these stereotypes about nice guys, go to them.

Yup, when the race is done and the “fun” is out of the blood system, some of you go back to the ones that weren’t complete insensitive bastards. Some of you ladies marry them or a few of you just sharpen your nails on them. Either way, the ones who feel that they deserve the heart of a charming guy, usually go back to retrieve it. A lot of other ladies never get away from the dicks who beat them or make them feel like trash. So a lot of beautiful, and otherwise smart girls, are left to skim their Facebook newsfeeds, wondering what happened to the really nice dude that took them out dancing, complimented them on their dress, and actually listened to the they had to say.

Even though I’m describing the typical “Good Guys Finish Last” scenario, it doesn’t mean I like it or condone it. If anything, I want my words, stories and rants to some how speed up this sometimes lengthy process and get my brethren laid faster, and the smart girls wifed up at a quicker pace.

It’s a high hope and a big responsibility, but believe me when I say that I have more than enough awkward experiences to explain the mind and matter of a “nice guy” or any other type of guy that has to always jump through hoops to get what they want.

So until I can find a higher calling than this, consider your friend Manny here a voice for the underdogs.

Happy hunting ladies and gentleman


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