Orange Mustangs

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January 17, 2012 by Manny Wordsmith

I used to write love stories, but now I write the truth.

I woke up in a warm sweat, drenched in my own failed memories. I never thought a brand of vehicle and an innocent color would ever haunt me, but there it is.

Orange Mustangs! Orange Mustangs!

This nightmare was brought to me by a girl I can’t mention. If I do, she might see this and call me once again to say, “How dare you tell my friends about my business!”

That statement is just confusing. Aren’t friends supposed to know about your personal life? I guess the Hennessy I had drank large amounts of, misunderstood this rule and spilled the beans. Like no one else drunk dials…

But the cat did have my tongue. I was unable to retort about her lack of commitment, emotional distance or continued connection with her ex. I just took it, like a bitch. So in a way, she got the last word. But in another way, I did. She doesn’t have a blog.

This will all come back around eventually and I will probably hear something negative from someone, but just know, I have a point, and that point is love. Two people can’t fall in love if the other person is unsure about how they feel. In this girl’s case, she wanted new love, but only because she was running away from a failed love.

I was just a rebound that stayed bounded for a lot longer than I should have been. And in that time, I was able to learn wonderful things about a smart, responsible, and funny girl, who has beautiful hair and an addictive personality. It was just unfortunate that her ghosts and skeletons were too powerful for us to battle.

I guess this is just my short lesson to you. Listen to your heart. If things don’t feel right, they’re probably not. If you meet someone who already has their glass full, then they’ll be less likely to let you fill it with your loves, interests or dreams.


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