Enter the Tainment


January 10, 2012 by Manny Wordsmith

If I plan on getting to 200 posts this year, I better get started.

I have returned for another semester of college.

I make that statement like there should be music in the background, but it’s really not that exciting. This is what I’ve done since fall of 09′ and I’m ready…really, really ready to be done.

A couple of opportunities stand ahead of me in the world of journalism. The school paper that I thought I was laid-off from, didn’t actually lay me off…they just switched editors. So I’m still employed and have the chance to become a Staff Writer, instead of just a contributing one. That means I can be paid.

Go ahead and raise your fist in the air on that one.

I’ll be one step closer to being an Entertainment superstar and finally getting invited to the Oscars. I’ll conduct red carpet interviews, flirt at after parties and most likely get fired for being part of some Columbian sex scandal I’ll never admit to. Damn, I can’t wait.


One thought on “Enter the Tainment

  1. Audra says:

    Manny I hope this happens to you for real some day! I love Columbian sex scandals!!!! lol

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