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January 4, 2012 by Manny Wordsmith

Realizing your own self-worth is something that can tie every single New Year’s resolution together. Because without it, you’ll just wake up every morning and continue to settle. And that means the weight you were planning on losing will suddenly be “just fine”. The crappy job you wanted to quit will also be “just fine”. Your punk ass husband who smacks you up when he drinks Jameson will again be “just fine”. Or the blonde chick you’re dating, with the racist dad and the clear attachment to her ex-boyfriend will some how be “just fucking fine”. You’ll be in this endless circle of great ideas that never come to fruition. You’ll have constant epiphanies, but will never act on them. And it will all be because you don’t think you deserve something better.

And I know it’s hard. It’s hard to be cocky and confident, unafraid to fall or misstep. It’s hard to write something down that seems almost impossible to do, then actually do it. But it has to happen. Too many great people sit idly at the bottom and never explore what can make them a stronger.

There’s too much wasted talent and way too many wasted words out there. I know this personally. Other than putting down the typical resolutions of saving money and exercising more, I also wrote down making more music and finishing a short story. This, and anything else I put my mind to can be attained if I just go for it. If you trust yourself and follow your heart, I don’t see any New Year goals being unachievable.

P.S. I also put down I needed to be cooler. Not temperature-wise, but Frank Sinatra, Billy Dee Williams, George Clooney cool.  Watch out 2012!


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