Redemption From Under the Weather

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November 30, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

Last night was horrible.

Not only was I sick from the cold rain and angry wind, I was also left in the dark. Yup, my power went out.

I was freezing cold and bewildered. I was eating a hotdog and watching another great episode of “How I Met Your Mother” when it happened. Such terrible timing…

So there I sat, in my office chair, paused for a short time, contemplating quietly about how I need to move out of my crappy apartment before next winter. I was calm, just letting the current situation kind of settle around me. That way, I could think logically about my next move. But time I felt the first cool breeze sneak its way into the room, I unleashed a window shaking cry, spewing out profanities like a drunken, tourettes ridden sailor on shore leave. I’m not even sure if most of the things that I said were even words! I feel like they were mostly noises of furious discontent and mumbled growling.

The loads of homework I planned on doing after my unwinding was suddenly lost in the darkness like a young Anakin Skywalker. I was beaten down. The weather had won…but I got my Eskimo on.

I layered on as much clothing that I could find and proceeded to wrap myself up like a burrito.

Other than not being able to move much and fearing that I would eventually have to pee, I was pretty comfortable…for a time. It wasn’t till the morning did I feel the bitter cold. The knitted cap I wore to sleep fell behind my bed, and because my arms were wound tight within the cotton fibers of my red, handmade blanket, I was unable to recover a very important piece to my Eskimo ensemble.

Vengeance is best served cold they say, and believe me, that vengeance was ice-cold.

When I finally unwrapped myself and got up for class, I was certain that I was in for a domino effect of bull crap for the remainder of the day. But that wasn’t the case.

Instead, I had a decent time in French class and a fun and very silly time drinking coffee with my friend Kaitlin.

And if you’re wondering, yes, she did draw faces on the cups.

At one point I gave them accents and were treating them like characters in a 50s French film. Kaitlin really knows how to bring the child out in me. And that is one of the many reason I love this girl.

I’m really hoping that the weather stays calm today and far away from powerlines. I would love to return home, study French for a couple of hours and just sleep…warmly.


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