Diving Into Mondays

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November 8, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

If anything, last night taught me that Mondays aren’t exactly party days. And even though the bar my friend Barwin and I attended had “Buy 1 get 1 free burgers” and “2 dollar domestic bottles”, the place was still pretty empty. Except for of course the unhappy husbands, who didn’t want to go home to their wives, and the unusual old couple that partied till 12. I commend them.

Now, I don’t always pick the best places…or days to attempt to let loose, but I am fully aware of what each place is providing.

Last night wasn’t a night for grinding and shot specials. Instead, what the night offered was amazing cheeseburgers and really cheap drinks. You can’t fist pump every time you step into a bar.

My heart lies in the dives. I do enjoy dancing, yelling and acting a fool, but the intimacy of a “regular” crowd and hard-working mature bartenders can’t be competed with. To get a “Welcome Back Guys” when you walk into a place means a lot. When I was Germany, my friends and I strived to get this. It’s what kept us going. That and our crazy sense of entitlement for the most seedy part of Frankfurt.

“Oh no one want’s to claim the Red Light District,” we thought. “Oh it’s ok, we’ll just impress every person we see till we get free drinks from sultry barmaids and hi-fives from strip club bouncers.”

And because of how we handled things Raul, CG and I felt the safest in a place that no one else wanted to go. And from that, we met people we will never forget and created memories that will never be matched.

You can almost always find something great in unexpected places.


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