Awake…Yeah, Don’t Act All Surprised and S**t!

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November 4, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

I sometimes second guess my skill as a writer…then I take a swig of Jamaican rum and begin blogs

I was made for this shit.

Insomnia is rearing its head as usual…as you can tell. But no worries though.

And this is because your friend Emmanuel is going through changes! I’m not exactly sure what the change are. My insomnia usually stems from over-thinking, petty worrying, sandy vagina…a bunch of things. Sometimes it’s just an avalanche of bullshit I can’t even change. Like a girl’s drug problem or racist ex-husbands.

I’ll drain myself of all this sleep, fumble through my daily life and drink heavily, just to wake up one random morning with a cryptic epiphany that I have to write backwards and show to my mirror just to understand it. But I’m usually happier afterwards. Freer if you will.

To get even MORE melodramatic, you can say I fight my demons during these isomniatic episodes.

I think a lot of people fight with their demons in many ways. I think mine are less of a fight and more of like a 4th grade staring contest or a week-long of rock, paper, scissors match. Or a battle of wits! Like my demon is the bad guy in an action thriller who’s killing off my happiness and leaving riddles for me to find. Yes. And I’m Morgan Freeman, a cop, running around with some white girl, trying to figure everything out.

Such truth in these words.

So I’ll have a good night sleep soon. These words and feelings rolling through my brain will finally be caught…because I’m an excellent detective! And I’ll once again level out and attack the world fully strengthened. I’ll be ready to make bad decisions and situations even more awkward than they usual are…in no time.


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