Easier Than Books


October 31, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

I can’t believe I’m writing this with Facebook open.

It’s a terrible thing that I need it open at all. I MUST BE CONNECTED! I make so much fun of the meaningless crap people put on FB. I also make fun of people’s undying need to slobber all their issues on the intra-web. And yet, I’m writing about my life, in a blog, while purposely watching the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” so I can somehow understand highly motivated, adventurous women.

Yes, I’m a pot…fuck you, you black ass kettle!

It’s been a long Halloween month. I successfully made a fool of myself four times in the past 30 days. Lots of pictures grace my FB wall, just to remind potential employers that, “Yes there will be a chance that I’ll either come in horribly hungover or continue my party with the help of the flask hidden in my jacket pocket.” The joys of putting your life on display.

I’ll say good-bye to October with a smile on face, knowing I gave it my all, including my wallet. I will welcome the month of November, a month that shows the promise of a slower pace.

But I doubt it…lol

And before anyone says anything about the movie I’m watching, just know it’s easier than reading books…or waiting for some guru to explain women on a Youtube video.


2 thoughts on “Easier Than Books

  1. designeryogi says:

    You forgot about Twitter. Some people attach their real account name to their Twitter account and then spit venom, act a fool, ect. That shit follows you and is easy to track. All you need is a Twitter account. You don’t even have to follow the person, you can just look their name up. It should come as no surprise then if one acts like a dumb-dumb why they can’t get a job in that field!!!!!!!!!

    • Manny Menace says:

      So let me guess, you’re not a fan of Twitter? lol! I see what you’re saying though. It’s crazy that all that information is just out there. Anything embarrassing you say or do is available. That’s why I just try to be awkward and funny. If anything, it’ll help my employers know that I’m a unique and strange guy with a wealth of great friends and a strong family 🙂

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