Boozing Through October

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October 6, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

Let’s be honest people, no one likes to read much. Especially online. Unless it’s a funny status on FB or a really witty tweet. Other than that most of us just read the headlines on Yahoo’s front page and go on with our lives. It’s a shame. I thank the 13 or so people who read this blog. I know most of you don’t comment on the page or on FB, but you guys still find a way to show your appreciation. I’ll keep on writing if you keep reading.

So far October has been a crazy month. Lots of birthdays and lots of parties…and it’s only the 6th!!

I can’t afford this shit.

If I plan to survive the rest of this month, I might need to sell blood or start a babysitting service. I really don’t want to do either one, but this month will continue on the same track…lights…music…beauties… Throw in costumes and other social knick-knacks and you have a typical October for me. And this is at least four days a week! I don’t know how I do it. If travelling from one circle of friends to the next, drinking, dancing and having a good time was a paying job I’d be a VP by now making $250,000 a year. This needs to be an occupation.

When Jessica Findley and I were at the top-notch peak of friendship, we would hit up two maybe three parties a night. She was a trooper, who could keep up if she ate a decent dinner. If not, I was carrying her out the door or saving her from creepers. But that didn’t matter to me. It was her company that was greatly appreciated. You’d be surprised how differently people treat a guy when he’s standing next to a pretty girl drinking a Cranberry Vodka.

This type of in and out, treadmill party lifestyle isn’t meant for everyone. I have problems too. School, music and studying play a big part. And there’s still a substantial amount of friends I never see.

Now, my homie Matt Barwin, my current party travelling recruit, is made for this lifestyle. No carrying out the door or redirecting. He can usually hold his own without my help. No saving him from terribly crazy women or bouncers. He’s the fucking James Bond of this half-ass party scene we have in Metro Detroit. Cooler than a polar bear’s toenail and smoother than Don Draper with a scotch and cigar…

ok maybe not that smooth, but he’s getting there!

We joke about how nothing would change even if we both had high paying jobs. We’d just never ask how much drinks cost or complain when we have to pay cover. I’d probably have nicer shoes though. Ultimately, I need to make all this DJing and music producing move things along. Also, if I can become a premier entertainment writer/photographer I can probably get into a lot more places and get paid for this tireless running I do. Just an idea…

Tonight will be all music. I have to finish a verse and send off some beats to my boy Dope Da Vinci. Guerrilla Dope is coming back strong. Look out for some new music soon!


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