Over the Sand Dunes…

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August 19, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

Our first goals aren’t always to find something amazing. Some times were just looking for ways to pass time and get through our days. Then, out of nowhere, something special falls in our laps. Sometimes it can be a new job, or a second chance at something that was done wrong before. And sometimes it can be a pair of blue eyes and swirly hair. Either way, time you get a taste of something great and unexpected, it becomes almost imperative to pursue it to its highest end.

I’ve never received anything without work. Nothing has ever been handed to me without me needing to go to hell and back again. And my love life is no different. It’s never been…

Girl meets Boy

Boy likes Girl

Girl like Boy

Boy and Girl…get together.

There’s always some extra note…like the girl being a complete psycho or I being emotionally empty. It’s never clean. Most of the unevenness that I come in contact with involves one of us liking the other more than other does.

It’s hard not to move fast when things look good. You just wanna run to the goal line like a running back with open field. I’ve done it more times than I’d like to admit. My lack of experience in my younger years made it hard for me to just see a smile as a smile and a look as a look. I took everything like it was a direct personal gift from an angel. And usually I would try to treat them as such, throwing all my cards on the table before the game even started.

Only certain types of girls can appreciate a nice guy. And only certain types of guys can appreciate a nice girl. Until that matches up, being nice is a hard deal. Usually both people have to give up on assholes and bitches. Yeah they seem exciting and spontaneous in the beginning, making you feel like you’re on an exciting road that can lead anywhere. But their obviously low self-esteem and untreated emotional issues put you in crappy positions, cleaning up the mess, hoping that the feelings you’ve been pumping out finally get returned.

But they don’t.

So when the gloves come down and your done fighting, you finally see what can be great. You see a person who wants to do things for you and treat you how they want to be treated.

So would you let something like this slip away?

Yeah neither would I.

I think everyone deserves to be with someone. Not because one is lonely or the other one needs a stepping stool to rise on. Sometimes the best relationships start because 2 people have finally quit the bullshit and are mature enough to handle a bit of amazing.

So get out of that unhappy bullshit you keep running through. Free yourself. It’s not easy leaving a terrible job without knowing if you’ll get a good one. But it’s in these times where the proper reflections are made and that compass of yours puts you in the right direction.

One love fam. Peace.


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