Volleyball Makes The Medicine Go Down

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August 12, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

Mandatory fun.

You won’t really find that term anywhere else BUT the army. It’s when your required to group together and do some sort of activity that will force you to grin with glee and excitement!

The crazy thing is that it works most of the time. I mean I can’t stand playing volleyball. I leave those sort of specialized physical activities to my niece and nephew. But when I get out here and do it, I end up laughing and shit talking and actually enjoying myself. This type of minimal joyous behavior takes my mind off all the people I know that are on vacation right now, who actually get to play volleyball as a recreational activity and not as a mood enhancer.

I play my part though, hitting the ball, moving the game along, and trying to make these days go by faster. I’ve never been in such a rush to get back home. Usually, I’m ready to escape and breathe, but when the escape is a military environment, breathing isn’t on the priority list. It’s work. Lots of class work and tests. Next week we’ll head to the field, and maybe two weeks of that will expedient things and I can return home to some very important people who I miss. If anything, these first 10 days away have reminded me what’s important in my life and who’s important in my life. It has also given me a chance to start building something new with someone that I’m very excited about.

But a bit of jealousy goes out to those who’ll be spending the next 72 hours guzzling down their favorite adult beverages. The one’s who’ll be sitting in lawn chairs next to bon fires, cracking jokes and making memories. I’ll sit here in my room and continually listen to songs from the Zac Brown Band, in hopes that a bucket of chicken and a cold beer will appear in front of me before the end of the night. The likelihood is slim, but a boy can hope.

ZBB Songs of my Friday Freedom



“Chicken Fried”

It’s going to be on when I return. Party times will reign! 17 more days!!


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