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July 13, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

Mos Def’s flavorful words bounce through my ears as I waited for the red light to turn green. My head nod followed the J Dilla production and I instantly cooled down. I forgot…only for a second…about the overwhelming amount of homework that’s due by week’s end and the other appointments I have scattered across the Metro Detroit area. It was a nice second.

My niece Alia always says, “Uncle Manny, you need to sleep more.”

She’s right and wise beyond her years. She always knows when I’m slacking or not taking care of myself. Most 16 year olds would exchange this type of insight for popularity or notoriety. But my niece, who has no issues fitting in anywhere, holds her own and still keeps her intelligent head screwed on tightly.

She might not see what I see in her just yet, but she’ll start noticing her awesomeness soon. Especially as she creeps closer to her senior year of high school.

Now I sit here rubbing my eyes between keystrokes as Common raps about “1999” and Pharoahe Monch speaks the “Truth”. My left over French homework sits next to me, slightly angry and bit confused, wondering how I let the sneaky sense of procrastination follow me all the way to the library. But I know that Frenchie knows this is good for me. Hip-hop therapy I call it. My soul, like everyone’s soul, needs it from time to time.

I’ll carry stress through this jungle knowing damn well I should have a short-round or a loud mouthed blond to help me avoid snakes and pitfalls. I’m not lucky enough to be an urban Indiana Jones, so I find music that can help me through the things I have to endure alone. Music lulls the demons and allows me to focus on the important things instead of the things that make me angry. And if you know me well you know that I get angry a lot. I’m like a mix between Fred Sanford and George Jefferson. Yeah it might be funny when I’m shaking my fists at the sky, but all it’s gonna lead me to is lost hair and a heart attack.

Quick note: The fat Bruno Mars just walked by me. Crazy. It’s like what Bruno Mars would look like if he ate himself and thought it was cool to walk around the entire library smiling and talking loudly on his cell. I wish I had a grenade to throw at this guy…

Any way, music…it soothes. If you haven’t had your intake of it today, I suggest you turn on your favorite Pandora channel and cool out. Life is too short to cross pitfalls alone. Peace.

Current Blog Soundtrack

Kanye West – Blame Game (Feat. John Legend)

Mos Def – History (Feat. Talib Kweli)

Black Star – Respiration (Feat. Common)

Pharoahe Monch – Truth (Feat. Common & Talib Kweli)

Common – 1999 (Feat. Talib Kweli & Sadat X)

Drake – Think Good Thoughts (Feat. Phonte & Elzhi)

Royce Da 5’9″ – Shake That

Brother Ali – Rain Water

Oh and!

Bruno Mars – Grenade…lol


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