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May 9, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

So another semester begins for me here at Wayne State University. It’s a beautiful day to start classes. The birds are chirping, the sun is shinning, and the women are in skirts and flip-flops. I’m not running to find shorts and flip-flops just yet…it’s only May. Rainy, temperate weather still reigns here, so anything can happen. Instead, I’ll stick with jeans and tees, my typical look. I see other guys already rocking the wife-beaters and board shorts. Even Capri’s! (Which I neither condone or accept) Most of the guys look like they got overly excited when they saw the sun this morning and just kept on what they slept in! There was no Sunday night thirty-six hour weather check-in, no iPhone app dinging with surprise and encouragement. It was just, “Oh look there’s some sun! Well I’m already dressed for this! I’ll just lather on another layer of Axe deodorant and hit the ground running!”. There’s nothing better than sitting next to a guy that has the same fragrence taste as a 14-year-old boy just discovering that there’s two places you can stick your finger in a girl. And you can tell all this by the multitude of hairy-backs and yellow sweat stains at the rims of these tattered Hanes “A-Shirts”. It would have been a smart decision to leave the shirt you wore in that pick-up ball game last night in the hamper! But I’m no Satorialist. No fashionista. I have a style closer to the Americana look of pearl button-ups, vintage tees, and Levi’s than anything else. Nothing fancy or special, just practical. I can understand some people crave and drool for the day they’ll be able to break free from sweaters and hoodies, but there’s no need to go outside with the cleanliness of a summertime grocery store shopping cart collector.

On a side note: I don’t even think you need a social security number to get that job. You just show up and they give you one of those reflective vests and tell you to stay clear of crazy Aunt Judy, riding dirty in the oversized Toyota Sienna.


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