A Weekend in Battle Creek

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April 17, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

So I was gone this last weekend doing Army stuff.

That’s how I refer to it. I don’t see a need to be any more specific since most of the people who’ll read this won’t have any idea what I what I’m talking about any way.

My weekend was rainy and cold, filled with constant whining and complaining, and accompanied by long evenings of chauvinism and fart jokes. A typical training outing for any Army soldier…ha ha. We accomplished a host of things while we were out there, like weapon qualifications, convoy operations training and land navigation.

There’s no need for you to understand the first two things, but the land navigation part is important. Land navigation, as a task, involves a soldier utilizing nothing more than a map, compass, and protractor to plot points using a group of 6 digit coordinates. Time you find all the points on the map you walk to them. The points are marked by signs to show the traveling soldier that he or she is going the correct way. I think that explains it…to the pics!

We were lost! Really lost. Like 2 and a half hours lost. Mumbling and bumbling around, checking the map, checking the coordinates, checking some more maps, re-plotting points. It was a mess. I blame this guy!

And this compass!


I still kept a smile on my face!

We eventually found our way out of the dreaded woodlands of Fort Custard just in time for more rain showers. What a nice present! I look forward to sharing more stories with you all! Peace!


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