Nothing But Sunshine

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April 10, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

The sun is here and it’s ready to radiate my life. It makes me feel all warm inside and gives me a reason to start getting things done. I would assume that’s everyone’s reaction to great weather. It also makes me feel stronger, like I can turn every backwards things in my life back the right way. Maybe I can pass my French Class with a B! Maybe I can finish up some new beats and get an album out by summer! Maybe I’ll even talk to the quirky brunette girl in my journalism class who hums Ani Difranco songs!

Ok I might be getting a bit ahead of myself

But its Detroit! We don’t get too many reasons to be happy. So if you have any friends who are from here, hop on their Facebook page and I guarantee you’ll see happy words. Unless their computer was stolen. Then it would probably just be an update from last night…

“I’m headed to Old Shillelagh’s, I think I might’ve left my door unlocked. I hope no one breaks in and steals my Macbook, my girlfriend would kill me lol”


This weather boosts morale all over. It gives those poor bastards who usually look to their amateur porn cache for love and nourishment, a reason to do some push-ups and shave those hairy palms of theirs. Because we all know when a D-Town girl puts those flip-flops on she is ready for Johnny Vegas shots at the Patio Bar. And she’s almost certainly willing to give it up if your shirt is tight enough and the Tigers just won. So go ahead and download that Sportscenter app and let those Miley Cyrus upskirt pics pass you by.

I guess my whole point is that the weather is awesome. So soak all this in and don’t let small things like your old high school sweetheart having new baby or that foreclosure on your home. Just walk outside and breathe in that Detroit sunshine and tell yourself everything will be alright. Peace


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