One Underrated Singer…


February 18, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

We’re gonna talk about an old/new singer named Skylar Grey. Her name alone makes me wonder if she’s related to my other favorite Greys


…and Jean

She probably isn’t, but a boy can wish right? Anyway here’s a pic of her on Grammy night.

Most of you probably remember seeing her before Grammy night. Do you remember the song “Where’d You Go”, by Mike Shinoda’s rap group Fort Minor? Well that’s Skylar (who was known as Holly Brook then) singing on the hook.

The reason I bring her up is because she’s every where now. She’s slowly bring herself back into the picture by lacing her voice around some pretty good hip-hop tracks. And not only that, she’s also responsible for Eminem and Rhianna’s hit song “Love the Way You Lie”. She wrote the demo and sold it to Rhianna herself. There’s not much press on her and Diddy found a way of not putting her in his video “Coming Home”. There’s seriously a bunch of people who think Skylar is one of the two black twins that’ve been following Diddy around for the last year. So because I love talented people and women with the last name Grey, I’m putting her on. You can check out her current duos below.

Lupe Fiasco – Words I’ve Never Said (Feat. Skylar Grey)

Dr. Dre – I Need A Doctor (Feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey)

Diddy – Coming Home (Feat. Skylar Grey)

Skylar Grey – Love the Way You Lie (Demo Version)


3 thoughts on “One Underrated Singer…

  1. Mia says:

    very nice. i love x-men! 😀 lol. and it’s true that skylar is making a (new) name for herself now.a.days. maybe the name change was a good thing-she brought herself into the VERY popular/lucrative world of hip.hop =]

    • Manny Menace says:

      It definitely looks like it! I hear she has a solo album coming out this year. And if you didn’t know, she also wrote the hook for the T.I./Christina Aguilera song “Castle Walls”. I hope you plan on sticking around and reading more of my stuff 🙂

  2. Mia says:

    tho i do feel like a nerd sometimes…lol. i guess it doesn’t help i just got a Marvel vs. Capcom sweater from hot.topic. lol. but no, i did not know that…or have heard that song. lol. i think i’m out of my ‘x.tina’ phase o.O lol. but yes, i shall ^_^

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