Mr. Saturday Night


February 14, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

I’m a happy chum of chumminess. It was most likely the beer that I consumed. At this point I think I was about 8 in. But before I ended up here at The New Way in Ferndale, I was with my homie Matt Megge…fa real this time.

He seems slightly confused at why a picture is being taken. I know this because questions were asked afterward…

Matt: What is this gonna be for your stupid blog or something?

Me: Yes.

Matt: Your like a girl with all these pictures.

Yeah that’s how most of our conversations start. But they usually end with me attacking Matt and someones face becoming very red from lack of oxygen…I’ll let you guess who. The pic was taken at our homeboy Dave’s crib. The whole crew, that’ll be thoughtfully named the Alcohol Olympians, were heading to the The Colosseum strip club in Detroit for a dirty birthday bash celebration. I couldn’t attend because I had already agreed to go to Shotgun Soul’s show in Ferndale. I was highly disappointed in this. You may already know the obvious reasons so I’ll just move along with the story here…sigh

So my best friends Jeff and Jessica pick me up, shortly after the picture above was taken, and we head to Ferndale and to a place called The New Way. It didn’t look new at all. It was quite grimey, but I guess that’s the look the owner wanted the rock bar to have. And I kinda respect that. I mean you dress in what you want to attract. If they wanted to attract patrons like Paris Hilton or other blond barbies, then maybe they’d have more lighting, bigger mirrors in the bathroom, a plush couch where you can put your little doggie in a cubbyhole, and cosmopolitans. Instead it stewed of sweat and overpriced beer, rickety chairs and a 42 year-old waitress that I swear was in heat. It did me just fine.

The only one where I’m not laughing…kinda weird. I hope whatever I was looking at was more important that the joke I missed. I’ll just assume it wasn’t as funny as it looks.

So the band goes up and starts performing around 1145ish. There were other ones, but they don’t get a shot out. We ain’t that cool.

Starting from the left is Jay, Robbie, Liz, Jessie, and Dave on drums.

Phenomenal singer…

The band fuses funk, soul and rock to form an amazing sound. Here’s a couple vids. Enjoy!


One thought on “Mr. Saturday Night

  1. Mia says:

    Didn’t watch the vids yet but it sounds like u had fun XD

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