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February 9, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

It was a cold day today! And no one here is surprised. I had to treat my iPod for hypothermia just for it to work this morning. And the iPod was much needed. I had a French exam today. And that’s not fun.

Does Jean Reno look like he’s having fun?

I look like my mom just told me she couldn’t pick me up from Latchkey.

I was not happy to leave the car. It was warm in there. The tunes were blaring and the heat was at a toasty 70 degrees. I was tropical! But no, no, no, duty called. I’m really enjoying the French language so don’t get me wrong. I just wish I could learn it more naturally. You know? I could relax in a calming setting where maybe French actress Audrey Tautou and I could explore this language of love a little more…throughly

I’d even let her smoke those Gauloises cigarettes that the Parisians love so much.

Anyway I finally left my car and made my trek through the cold hallowing campus. I had to head to the library first to get some last minute studying in.

When I got there it was a mad house. It was crazy how many people were active at 10 in the morning. I had to take a 5 hour energy drink just to be in go mode! And by the way, those things are disgusting! I thought it would taste better if I mixed it in with some orange juice and it did nothing! It was like a nerd moving in with a jock, expecting to have first dibs on his favorite side of the room. Not happening. My orange juice went out like a bitch and all I could taste was nasty berry flavored douchebaggery.

I count my blessings and leave the library no smarter than when I walked in. I get to class and I’m clammy as hell. My palms are sweaty, my arms are shaking, my mouth is dry! I got like the dullest pencil in the world and I already write like a 6th grader. I was just terrified. But time the test came, I had it! I don’t know how well, but I had a better hold on it than I thought I would. So an hour passes and I turn it in a smile on my face.

Look how happy I am to be in my car heading home!

I got in the Cobalt and started blaring the first thing on my iPod. It just happened to be Dashboard Confessional. I’m just happy that no one could hear me.


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