Get Ready for a Snow Storm!

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February 1, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

The snow is COMING!!!!

In approx. 24hrs we’ll all be buried in cold white snow. Are you scared Michigan? I’m not. I’ll probably spend tonight drinking 40s and playing Xbox. Stereotypical I know, but it’s a safer than playing Russian Roulette on the frozen streets.

My Netflix queue is getting fatter than Oprah was in 92′ and I can’t have that. So I’ll probably watch a couple of movies in between my drinking and gaming tomorrow. I’ve had Crank 2: High Voltage in the queue for the last 6 months. And I know if I don’t watch it this week, Jason Stratham will probably kick a hole in my chest and leave The Transporter box set where my heart used to be.

“Watch my bloody movies you filthy bugga”

The movie Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans has been in the queue just as long as Crank, but I’m not afraid of Nick Cage. He probably couldn’t afford to come after me anyway.

And if his beautiful co-star Eva Mendes wants to come and hassle me, she’ll just have to fight me while I’m laying on my couch surrounded by candles, greased up with cocoa butter, and reciting her a poem.

“Eva you are my queen, every time I see you in a scene, your smooth brown skin, is what helps me move this pen….”

So I’m actually looking forward to tonight. I’ll get to drink some top shelf cheap beer, catch up on some movies, and escape the winter chill with flashes of gunfire and dirt via Call of Duty 4. I hope you all will enjoy yours too! Be safe!


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