Wet Monsters in Hip-Hop

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January 15, 2011 by Manny Wordsmith

I find myself watching a lot of music videos when I’m chillin on the computer. And I realize a lot of my friends really don’t see the new stuff. So I’m presenting to you a couple vids I found interesting.

This Snoop Dogg one is very interesting. It takes a page from many other hip-hop videos before it (girls, booze, dim lights, sex). But in this one we get to see something special!! Snoop Dogg’s damn near 40 yr old bird chest. Oh yes ladies you didn’t misread. In this video below you get to finally see what the chest of a 6’4″ 160lbs guy looks like! You also get to see Snoop wear a smoking jacket that looks like the inside of winter jacket…or a very plush couch. The song is produced by The Cataracs. You might recognize the name from the Fly Like a G6 song which the duo also produced.

This next one isn’t as good of quality. And it’s partly because it’s not technically officially released yet. But some how it leaked. It’s the video for Kanye West’s song Monster featuring Rick Ross, Jay-z, Nicki Minaj, and Bon Ivers. Now the first thing I noticed about this video wasn’t the creepy ‘haunted house’ backdrop, or the loads of sexy zombies. No that’s not it all. The absolute first thing I actually noticed was all the dead white women. No mistaking it. The whole premise of the story is that the rappers are ‘monsters’ so there’s bodies everywhere. It just so happens that all of them are white. There’s other women in the video who are Hispanic, Asian, and Black. But their not dead! Well not really anyway, undead to be precise but you get my point. So was Kanye and Jay-Z trying to say something? I love white women just like the next black man, but It’s not like I want to litter my front lawns with their dead bodies! There’s even a part where Kanye is dressed up like DJ Kool Herc holding a severed head!

That’s DJ Kool Herc by the way…father of Hip-Hop.

Now I’m not appalled by the gory implications they’re making in the video, I’m just saying it’s a little weird that every dead girl is white or whitish. I might just be looking too much into it, but I can’t go off and think that this wasn’t some how on purpose.

So we have one video that pretty much stayed with the pattern of a ‘typical’ rap video, while the other clearly went in the opposite direction. Let me know what you guys think! Peace.


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