NYE…Never a Celebration

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December 28, 2010 by Manny Wordsmith

So Christmas is done and we begin our drive into the new year. I never party as hard as I like for New Year’s. The hype alone puts me so far into the clouds that the final disappointment has me falling for days. And its sad because no matter what I chose to do, I always have a bad time. Every single year. It never fails. And people always think I’m excited about it.

“Oh Manny you love to party right? Well fuck man NYE should be a blast!”

That’s not how it goes. I wish it did though. I wish my love of women, music and booze guaranteed a spectacular NYE. But my hatred of mindless coochie chasers and prettied up cock hounds makes it hard to be around that night. I mean I can understand the chase and the wonder of sharing a kiss at midnight with a special someone who was a complete stranger an hour ago. I can understand all that. But knocking over someones drink, stepping on their shoes and just being a straight bitch is unnecessary in the process.

All class goes completely out of the window on NYE, and the drunken race between allured women and professional womanizers never skips a beat. I should be celebrating the last 364 days with unabashed partying and senseless enjoyment. I’m young, so I should embrace the essence of the night, explore the depths of my inner P.Diddy and wild out to the fullest. But I don’t. The hype never reflects the actually moment and I’m left either broke, broken-hearted, or driving.

So maybe one year I’ll actually be able to find a place that fits me. I don’t think I’m that hard to please. I just want to be in a place with good people, good drinks, and good music. A place that’s not expensive, but holds itself in higher regards because it’s patrons aren’t a bunch of tools. A place where full capacity is never reached and you can actually raise your glass without hitting two girls, a plate of shots, and bouncer. That’s all. I don’t have to make out with three girls in a bathroom, or drink myself to oblivion. I just need space and room to enjoy myself without being bombarded by a bunch of neanderthals on their annual group hunt. But we’ll see what the future holds.

The Past

2004-2005 – Lost in the German city of Mainz while it was raining. I had only been in country for a week and my friends were all at a bar having a great time. They claimed they had no signal for their phones. This sent me on a wild goose chase that ended in me getting turned away by 3 hotels before I finally settled in one and discovered a show called ‘Sexy Sports Clips’. Two naked Scandinavian girls making out is the only thing that can make golf exciting.

05-06 – Iraq

06-07 – In Germany at my favorite Thai bar waiting for a phone call to a big party I never got. Instead I spent the night in a bar the size of my living room with about 40 German guys and 5 Thai women…at least there were fireworks though.

07-08 Afghanistan

08-09 I went to a bar out in Clarksville, Tennessee and spent the night trying to stop my homie from having sex with a married soldier who had a husband that was a lot better at shooting guns than my homie was at dodging bullets.

09-10 It was chilled and laid back. The bar wasn’t packed at all, but the music was decent and my whole family was there. Unfortunately, I only drank 4 drinks the entire night and had to drive home a group of people who were angry that the place we were at never turned into a ‘real’ party.


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