F**K Your Pajamas!


December 9, 2010 by Manny Wordsmith

Girls in pajamas. Probably the most unflattering thing a girl could wear in public. Many women will argue with me and tell me a man’s opinion does not matter.

“Maybe they’re not wearing it for you!” my sister claims

And I can see her point of view. I know that women all over this state enjoy the 100% cotton texture of Spongebob pajama pants rubbing against their unshaven winter legs. And there’s no better time to express this love of woven cotton than daylight hours. There’s logic there. And a sense of empowerment…right?

“Look at me! It’s 4 o clock in the afternoon and I don’t care! It feels so wonderful to finally be freed from the strains and bonds of a male dominated society! I have escaped from their tyranny and strict opinions about how a lady should conduct herself! First step pajamas, next step the presidency!!”

Blah, blah, blah

Empowerment my ass. It’s just another word dumb people use to justify impractical decisions. My sister sticks up for the masses every time I bring it up. But there is no reason for smart women to lump themselves in the category of dumb ones in hopes of using their status to hide a stain on the movement. Point blank.

And it’s not like I want every girl to dress up for me. It’s no where near like that. But man, I want a reason to brag about the lovely ladies of this state. Because I’ve been around the world twice over and I know what people say about the women of our country. If you go to any other established country, lets say Italy or Austria, you will find women who are just out shopping or buying gardening equipment wearing their best. Why? Not because a man told them to do it. It’s because they have something called pride and they hold themselves in a high regard. That’s all I want to see from the women I look upon. Just some pride and some got damn class. Don’t think thats too complicated.


4 thoughts on “F**K Your Pajamas!

  1. portraitofa30something says:

    I’ve seen people do that here too, and fair enough if that’s what someone wants to do for whatever reason! But you know what…I have looked closely and noticed that those girls have actually gone to the trouble of ironing their jimmie-jams before leaving the house…so, why not just iron some jeans?!?!?! Or am I completely missing the point?

  2. Rebecca says:

    I love it! You are so right. I can’t stand the women here that walk around in PJs or the grossest sweats any given day. I mean, really? Unless it is midnight, you forgot something you-cannot-live-through-the-night-without, there is no rocking the PJs. Where I come from, women wouldn’t be caught dead wearing their PJs, or even their sweats, out in public..

    • Oh I know Rebecca. I got the chance to talk to the women of Germany a lot and the one thing they could never understand is why American girls dress down so much. I didn’t even notice till they said something. Now I can’t get it out of my mind.

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