Just Let Me In!!!

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November 30, 2010 by Manny Wordsmith

I’m seriously still wondering why I have to retype my login and password every time I come to this site. Granted I only come on this site weekly (which I’m slowly trying to change), but still. I mean if your gonna take the time to step up the code that allows the site to save the information, why not go ahead and do the damn saving!! It’s like going to the same bar every Friday night, same bartender, same order, but the beautiful barkeep that spends at least an hour talking with you everytime, has to lean over the counter and ask you the same damn question every time.

“So what will you have sweetheart?”

Got dammit lady you see me all the time! And we talk all the time! Like really, really talk! You told me about your crazy ex and how he leaves macaroni art of your favorite animals on your doorstep. And I told you how I got my ass beat by a 32-year-old Thai woman. We laughed our asses off! You didn’t kick me out when I licked your younger sisters shoulder and attempted to steal her cigarettes. I don’t even know why I tried! I don’t even smoke, but you knew that! I know your favorite color is off-white, I know that you hate your mom and her judgmental views concerning your practice of anal sex. I know your middle name is Winnie and in elementary school they called you Winnie the Pooh. But that never stopped you from wearing your favorite red turtleneck that was 3 sizes too small! I know your favorite Power Ranger was the yellow one because you love Chinese food. I also know that watching Kevin Spacey films make you flagellant and that Grimace and people making grimaces gives you nightmares. Your a registered member of the Green Party even though you never vote. You have webbed feet, irritable bowels, low blood sugar, and acid reflux. You love Lisa Loeb, Lisa Leslie, the Mona Lisa, and Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez. I mean what does a man have to do to get a lovely young lady to remember his drink!!! Decode your DNA? Balance your check book? Bear your children!? I’ll do it! Just for the love of God REMEMBER ME!!

Ok I got a little wacky with the explanations, but you get the point. No one likes to put the work in to be a VIP if the perks don’t apply. And right now I just want this stupid site to save me the precious 15 seconds that I could easily put toward updating my facebook status messages. Peace

R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen


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