Warren Can Really Just Suck It Pt.1

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September 15, 2010 by Manny Wordsmith

The majority of my days seem to be spent in front of my iMac. I grind away at these keys hoping for magic to arise and save me from the impersonal and tiring city of Warren, Michigan. I need to move someplace that has personality, style, finesse. A place where adventure calls my name…

“Yo Manny I’m adventure. How about we get out of this room, find some really influential young women and fuck some shit up. How does that sound?”

Unfortunately Warren is more like this

“Hey Manny I’m the ugly splinter in your side. If you try to move around too much or do anything fun, I’ll just find a way of make it painful and surprisingly annoying. How does that sound?”

You think this is over the top? Well it isn’t asshole. I’m not going to sit here and fill this blank space with a bitch session about my city, but I want everyone to understand that sometimes people can grow out of their surroundings. I’m like King Kong in a fishbowl. And I hate water. But until I gather the money to set up a new residence I will have to put up with Warren, which I believe has the highest amount of old white people in this part of Michigan. This makes driving anywhere as exciting as watching trees grow. The “white” reference probably can easily be replaced with any race, but I just call it how I see it, and what I see is a lot of white people. A lot less when I was a kid though. During that time my family and I were like stranded Cocoa Puffs roaming around a giant bowl of milk. There were a sprinkle of Reese’s Puffs from my Arab brethren here and there, but mostly Caucasians. I wouldn’t mind a place with a little more color and variety. Or just a Latin Bar. Those seem to bring in people you never even knew existed in your city

“You say your from Ecuador?”


“Oh shit, I’m sorry, I don’t speak Spanish”

I”ll make the best of this city one foul night at a time. Hopefully I’ll get some great pics to share with you all. Take care. Peace


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