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April 2, 2010 by Manny Wordsmith

A collective amount of stupidity came in the form of an avalanche, when a 20 yr old girl who burped and snorted every 5 minutes, attempted to bury me…

I don’t actually ever want to choke a bitch. Or a nice young lady. Or any other form of a female being. I am relatively nice and I usually mean well. But in some cases, well a lot more this past week, I’ve wanted to just put a couple in sleeper holds.

Now judgments may rise, but understand that I’m a very reasonable man. I’m not gonna just get mad because a girl burps. Even though its rude all across the world and very un-lady like. No I’m not that easy to annoy. But if your in my ear…literally right next to me, and you continue to turn, burp, and not cover your filthy whorish mouth, then yes I am going to want to choke you.

If my homeboy was doing the same thing I would have just done it. It would have been funny, he would have laughed and it would have been all good. But to do this to a girl who you hardly know, well its a little harder. And girls know this. They know that there is a thin buffer zone between guys and girls that may stop a guy from punching them in the mouth. The bad thing is assuming that ALL guys have this zone.

I have the zone. It was a lot larger when I was younger. But now I  realize it’s slowly thinning out with age. I’m a grumpy ass old man. It’s my nature and it probably won’t change. So all I can do, for the sake of dumb-ass girls everywhere, is find more sophisticated women. Women who, if being rude, can at least be courteous enough to say excuse me and refrain from obnoxious attitudes.

If you think being rude is a flirtatious game to see how fast a guy will turn into a caveman and hit you with a rock then your fucking retarded. PEACE


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