From Ballboy to Benchwarmer

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January 21, 2010 by Manny Wordsmith

So love is a delicate thing. And so are hamsters and I couldn’t seem to hold on to those very long either…

I’m single. It’s not something I’m really afraid of or ashamed of mentioning. It sucks I can say that. I mean time you feel something other than the love of your own hand…its kinda hard to go backwards. I stick and move, hit the bars and the hipster coffee shops, scanning and mingling, looking for hopefuls. I miss more than I hit, but that’s only because I’m a horrible player. I was more of the guy in the dugout reading Superman comics than the all-star practicing his swing. I wonder if the slow and steady saying applies to this situation hmm…

Back to the scene. Bars and coffee shops. Someone once told me that’s where I’d find my creative, nerdy equal. I don’t like liars so I won’t say her name, but the pussy isn’t fallen from the sky like she said it would.

“Go to Royal Oak” she says

“Hang around and be a local. Blend in and see what kind of people you find and talk to!”

I can say that art and artistic merit give certain people attitudes and turn pleasant and brilliant girls into, well bitches. And I only say that because I lost my thesaurus. I love women. I do. I just don’t like the ones who think they’re better because they’ve been blessed with a certain vision that others may lack. I’m not saying they point their guns at me trying to make me feel lesser. I’m just saying I don’t wanna be the Clyde in their wild spree to make the “normal” people feel shitty. On the other side of things I meet a lot of girls who are just smarter than me. They’ve been to more places, done more things and just dance on a higher plane. Now a man can only shuck and jive for so long before they have to show and prove. So to remove my feet from my blubbering mouth I sip on a couple strong drinks. 4 Hennessey and cokes and three tequila shots later…I’m pretty much as useful as a busted appendix. I gotta remember to plug my blog before diving into the blackened bliss of senseless drunkenness.


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