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January 20, 2010 by Manny Wordsmith

Lactose Intolerance…it’s a tricky bastard.

When I was working at McDonald’s many years ago my stomach and I had some epic battles. I would consume large strawberry shakes and sundaes like the world was coming to the end. My body paid prices that I won’t really get into. Things got really bad let’s just say that. So when I hit the bottom my stomach and I came up with a peace treaty to handle and lower the damages I was causing myself. I thought I understood the peace treaty. I read it many times over, clearly marking the important words. But here it is attacking my gut like a Delta Force Black Ops Unit. The treaty said no milk and no complex dairy products. I followed the guidance and stayed away from large bowls of cereal and giant cones of swirling ice cream. No mayo or sour cream either. So I ate really dry chicken sandwiches and tacos. But the one day I choose to put 2 pieces of cheese on my mayo-less turkey sandwich, all bets are off. Damn you KRAFT!!!


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