My Michigan Morning

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December 16, 2009 by Manny Wordsmith

Oh yes this is it! The Winter Wonderland that all these classic Christmas songs praise about!

Yeah right. This is what my mid-december has to offer

Not much I know. The beauty of winter (if there is any) has not quite come to my part of Michigan, just the biting cold. You can’t feel it through the picture so please don’t try it. People living in warmer places will never know my pain no matter how much they smudge their laptop and monitor screens.

When I walked outside of my apartment this morning, I knew I had to document what our winter days out here in Michigan look like. Times like these make me wish I was hosting some wet t-shirt contest in Cancun. There’s nothing warmer than watching thousands of wasted, over privileged white girls who wet their bodies to finely tuned booty music! Or that’s at least what people say. I would love to know how warm that feels! It’s a dream, but so is flying a dirigible over the Atlantic. I really don’t think either will come true. So Instead of laying back and wishing, I bundle up and drive my insomniac ass to class

I look toasty don’t I? Four layers of Michigan winter suave right here ladies.

All in all I hope this weather breaks into something more scenic. Then I’ll be able to take fascinating pics of snowmen! And snow castles! And Christmas lights! Ok wait, sorry, my bad, I probably won’t be doing any of those things regardless, but damn it would be nice to look at something pretty. Easy drunk white women…please apply within.


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